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Who Am I?

2 mins
Gloom — taken in December 2023

Hi, I’m Sowren, a Software Engineer from Bangladesh. I specialize in creating robust web applications with a primary focus on using Laravel and Vue.js as my core technologies. Besides that, I like to code in Python and Go for fun, especially when I’m working on microservices, AI related stuff, or CLI apps. I am very passionate about clean coding.

With over 7 years of professional experience, I’ve been engaged as a Full-Stack Engineer at Revealize Inc. since March 2021. Although my role is Full-Stack, I primarily focus on back-end and devops related tasks. My favorite thing to work on and to tweak my brain with is Queues and optimizing Eloquent queries in Laravel. Lately, with the advent of AI I am digging deeper into this field. From fine-tuning models and crafting datasets to experimenting with prompt engineering, I’ve explored quite a bit in this arena.

Programming is a continuous learning process. In my free time, I try playing with different languages and tools in order to keep myself familiar with modern infrastructures. All these test projects and open source tools are available in my public Github repository.

To know about the tools and apps I use, check out the Uses page.

I enjoy reading books, listening to music, and watching movies and series. I am a die-hard fan of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire universe. I’m optimistically waiting for the sixth book of the main series, (rolling your eyes? 🫠) but I also know:

Words are wind! 🍃

And I love science. To be specific, things about physics and space. Carl Sagan has a huge influence on me. He made me realize how insignificant we are in this unimaginably large universe, yet how much significant our life can be. ✨

I thank you for reading this far and your curiosity towards a stranger. Nice to meet you, fellow star stuff! ☄️

You can reach out to me in: talkto[at]

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