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Open Source

Here are a few open-source projects I’ve created —

SVG Avatar Generator #

🔗 Source: GitHub

An offline avatar generator for Laravel apps with bunch of cool customizations. The key features are:

  • Supports gradient background.
  • Supports random gradients based on defined presets in config.
  • Multiple shapes: rectangular, rounded-rectangular, or circular.
  • Customizable fonts from Google fonts and other sources.
  • Ability to customize initials and extractor.
  • Unlike some other available options, doesn’t require heavy-weight image processing libraries like Intervention.
  • Doesn’t have any binary dependency, so nothing needs to be installed on server.

SVG Avater Generator

Laravel ShurjoPay #

🔗 Source: GitHub

Enhanced ShurjoPay payment gateway client for Laravel apps. It has a few benefits over the official client:

  • Auto discovery for Laravel 5.5+ projects.
  • ShurjoPay configurations can be defined on the fly.
  • Uses Guzzle instead of cURL by default.

ZKConnect #

🔗 Source: GitHub

Python script to relay real-time attendance data from ZK Teco devices to an external API. I needed this on one of my project at work. Once connected, it will keep sending attendance data to the API you provided. It is designed to run using a service like Supervisor.

LordCommander #

🔗 Source: GitHub

A python CLI app to execute commands recursively through multiple directories. Built for some DevOps purpose at work. My old workplace had some legacy apps running on shared hosting where using advanced tools was kinda cumbersome. So I made this simple app to perform some tasks in an easier way.

Wormhole #

🔗 Source: GitHub

Upload files with ease in Laravel apps. File uploading is already very convenient in Laravel, yet I found myself copy-pasting same code over and over. To make it reusable I made this with a few additional features. It has a Vue and Bootstrap/UIKit based front-end built-in which shows realtime uploading progress for large files.

Laravel UIKit #

🔗 Source: GitHub

Laravel UIKit is a handy package for integrating your Laravel app with the excellent front-end framework UIKit easily. Besides that, a pre-built admin panel/application layout is provided along with some authentication pages, which you can extend and get your application running within minutes. However, you can customize each and everything that comes with this package.