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Hardware #

Machines #

  • My daily driver is a MacBook Air 2020 (M1/16GB) which runs on MacOS Ventura.
  • I do have Manjaro Linux installed on another older Asus laptop (Intel Core i5/8GB). I was a Linux user for a long time before jumping to Mac.

Mouse #

  • I’m using Logitech MX Master 3 with my MacBook. I was in doubt purchasing a non Apple mouse for an Apple device, but they works really good together. And with the LogiOptions+ app, you can mimic all gestures via your mouse.

Software #

Development #

  • PhpStorm: Fantastic piece of software from Jetbrains. All my Laravel and Vue.js related coding are done in this app.
    • Laravel IDEA: This is a very useful plugin I use with PhpStorm. It makes me so much faster while coding.
    • Laravel Tinker: This plugin works as a PHP interactive shell inside PhpStorm. For running quick PHP code snippets I use it everyday.
  • Laravel Valet: For managing and running my PHP/Laravel projects I use Laravel Valet. Valet is a powerful tool that can run different apps on different isolated PHP versions. It’s available officially for Macs, but there is a community version for Linux which also supports almost all features. And with Valet, I use another fantastic tool called PHP Monitor, it is a GUI tool that build on top of Valet. You can monitor your local php development environment quite easily with PHP Monitor.
  • Laravel Ray: I’m using Spatie’s debugging tool Laravel Ray for couple of years. Besides Xdebug, Laravel Ray gives you useful options to show queries, measuring code performance etc.
  • TablePlus: For database management. I’m using the free version but I might purchase the full version someday. It’s absolutely unmatched.
  • MySQL Workbench: Another tool for database management provided by MySQL. I use it sometimes for some use cases.
  • VS Code: For projects other than PHP, I use VS Code as the editor.
  • Sublime Text 4: My go to file editor for all other task. It’s light weight, fast and simple.
  • Warp: This is my default terminal app in MacOS. Very handy!
  • Postman: Everyone knows Postman, the app for testing and documenting API endpoints.

Productivity #

  • Raycast: My Spotlight replacement in MacOS. Raycast is a brilliant app to do staff without opening multiple apps, clipboard maintenance, searching files and folders etc.
  • Microsoft Edge: I don’t like Chrome. Though it might be an unpopular opinion I find Edge much more mature, streamlined, and feature rich than Chrome. Edge is my default browser in laptop and in mobile. I do have Chromium installed on my machine by the way.
  • BitWarden: I’ve been using Bitwarden for couple of years. It is my password and 2FA manager everywhere.
  • Notion: For taking notes and writings, Notion is my preferred app.
  • Velja: A tiny app that helps me opening links from app with my intended browser. It gives you little pop-up to choose between your browsers.
  • MoneyLover: I started using this multi-platform app to manage my financial activities. It helped me a lot to make budget and to see an overview of my expenditures.

Velja in action
Velja in action